Train the Trainer

Our training methodology has been developed over 15 years by our Founder, via in-field teaching experience, research on best practices for Teaching, and sharing tips and tricks with other senior instructors.

The result is a custom Train-the-Trainer (TTT) course, that codifies the most effective teaching techniques out there. We believe teaching is a skill that anyone can learn, and like any skill, it can be improved upon and mastered. Our TTT course can help even the most seasoned teaching veterans hone their craft.

Participants in the TTT course that work for Training Experts learn and practice all the techniques until they meet our standard of teaching excellence…or we don’t send them out in the field!

We also have a system of regular monitoring and coaching of our trainers, to discuss and hone teaching skills learned in the TTT course.

The TTT course, and continual monitoring, ensures consistency in training performance for our customers.

The TTT course has been validated in the sense that all graduates have gone on to earn superlative evaluation scores. Many of our TTT participants have even become national speakers!