Your Comprehensive Training Partner

Training Experts offers a full range of educational services from high-quality training to custom content development. We have more than a decade of experience in helping our customers create the best possible training solutions.

Training Professionals

Our trainers have a proven track record of being the best in the industry.

Teaching Skill

Most trainers out there have never had a single minute of training on how to be an effective teacher and public speaker. We have developed a custom Train-The-Trainer course, and an extensive coaching process to ensure that every single one of our trainers performs to our high standards consistently. Our trainers also have fun, engaging personalities, which students love!

Seasoned Professionals

All of our trainers have experience delivering world-class training…around the world! And from beginner-level students to industry veterans, we’ve had experience teaching in a variety of environments, to a variety of people. We know how to think on our feet and can connect with anyone.

Support Staff

Most trainers out there are completely independent, so they have to spend a lot of their time on logistics like travel arrangements. Training Experts has a full-time Support Staff that takes care of everything for our trainers, so they can focus their energy on what they do best – Teaching!

Private Training

We can provide a variety of private training solutions that meet the specific needs of your organization, including on-site classes, virtual classes, and video training.

On-Site Training Classes

Why travel? We can come to you with a private on-site class, delivered at any location you choose, on your schedule, so your team can focus exclusively on learning. We can provide all needed materials – books, labs, and classroom equipment. We can even customize the course material to suit your preferences.

Virtual Training Classes

Why travel? Even with a private on-site class, your team may need to commute from home or alternate locations to get to a physical training site. We have extensive experience in delivering virtual classes, so we know how to engage students in this environment. It will be the closest thing to feeling like they’re sitting in an actual classroom, without the expense or hassle of travel.

Video Training

Many of our instructors have been the friendly face for a variety of Computer-Based Training (CBT) videos, for companies like TestOut and Microsoft. Our videos have been viewed by thousands of students worldwide, to excellent reviews. We can offer our on-camera talent to you, to deliver any content. Recorded videos can then be viewed at any time by your team or customers worldwide.

Content Development

We have more than a decade of experience in all facets of the exam development and courseware development process. Our subject matter experts (SMEs) can help you develop top-quality technical content.

Exam Development

Certification exam development can be a complex process involving psychometricians, developers, reviewers, editors, writers, and more. Our team has expertise in all facets of this process. We can help you create a comprehensive set of exam questions that accurately discriminates between a candidate who is qualified and one who is not.

Courseware Development

Our team has an expert ability to distill complex information down to easy-to-understand language that students can absorb quickly. If you need to develop courseware, who better to ask than an expert-level trainer? We can help you develop educational materials that connect with students and get your message across.

Training and Certification Program Design

There are many challenges that new companies in the tech world have to face, but developing a training and certification program doesn’t have to be one of them! Our team can help you develop an overall Training and Certification program for your company that is effective and maps to real-world job skills. Having a Certified workforce means that you will have a more engaged and effective workforce!